Health insurance is a must: Here’s why?

We can’t deny that insurance for health is always a must. Without health insurance, you’re putting yourself at risk for an expensive hospital bill that you’ll be responsible for. It’s impossible to predict when an accident will happen, and it seems easier to pay for something with a monthly fee than in one lump sum.

I’ll explain here whether the health insurance is more important than other types of insurance or not.

Is health insurance such a big deal?

Health insurance is just as important as any other type of insurance. But it is a must in the sense that health insurance can protect you from something that can be far worse than other types of losses.

If you don’t have health insurance, it’s almost like a free ticket for things to go wrong in your life. Knowing that if something happens to you, there will be a way to pay for it is really nice. Things can and do go wrong in this world and having insurance will protect you from it, no matter how small the loss or how big the cost.

What happens to me without Heath Insurance?

Without health insurance, many people can get denied when they apply for something. Just think about your own family members; if you don’t have insurance, your kids could get denied for their driver’s license and they won’t be able to drive when they’re 18. This means that they will have to pay for their own car; or other risk like not being able to do certain things like get an education at college or even going out with friends.

Another way that health insurance can protect you is by protecting your health. If you don’t have it and start experiencing bad symptoms, there’s really nothing stopping them from not being able to treat you; and you know what happens next?

If you haven’t bought health insurance, you might be forced to go without treatment or even die.

Insurance is like a safety net to help protect you from things that could eventually lead to someone not being able to live the way that they want to.

An example of not having health insurance

To further explain health insurance and why it’s so important and valuable, let’s use a quick example.

Say you have a family of five living on one income, and the other person just had a heart attack – but they didn’t have health insurance.

After their heart attack, it can cost around $3,500 to cover the surgery alone. Now, they are unable to work anymore: who’s going to provide for the family?

There is also a chance that this person could die because of the lack of fund if they don’t get proper treatment.

It’s really important to think about things like this before they happen because if you don’t plan ahead of time, things can get really bad really quickly.

If people in this example were to get sick, what happens? The family will have to go without help and not be able to cover basic living expenses. Health insurance can therefore be considered to be a must for everyone.

Other complexities of remaining without health insurance

If you don't have health insurance, it can be really tough. It's not only because you're going to have to pay for more treatment, but also because you're going to use the money that's not being used for what it's meant for. 


Maybe, you may have saved the money for something that’s even more important in order to protect your well-being such as your kids’ education or a home closer to your work so you can get there faster.

Final words,

Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, health insurance is a must and it’s definitely a crucial part of life. Whether you get help from it or you give help to other people, you very much need health insurance and you’d better buy it sooner than later.