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How much insurance for car?

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To know how much insurance you should buy, there are two facts to consider when purchasing auto insurance. First, some states require additional coverage so it is important to check with your state or local insurance office. Second, auto insurance coverage is mostly based on liability and bodily injury coverages. A car accident can also be a claim for property damage (such as an smashed into someone's parked car or property) and uninsured motorist bodily injury. Your state may have minimum requirements for these amounts that you must meet in order to get the required auto insurance coverage. It is recommended to read your policy carefully to know exactly what your minimum liability and bodily injury limits are before purchasing a policy.


Car insurance is required in the state the car is registered in. The minimum liability and personal injury protection (PIP) that the state requires for your car insurance depends on the type of car you are driving, your age and any other special information from a police report.

California requires that you have minimum coverage for bodily injury; this depends on what state your car is registered in. For example, if you have a small hatchback with no airbags, like a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic, it will require less than someone with an expensive luxury sedan.


How much you pay for car insurance depends on several factors, including the make, model and year of car that you're insuring, your driving record, and how many years you've been driving. For example, if you're a 20 -year-old male with no accidents or tickets on your driving record who has just bought a new car (you don't have to be the original owner), most likely you would pay less than someone who is in their 50s with a couple of tickets and recent accident history.


Honestly, it all depends on a few factors. The state requirements, the type of vehicle, where and how you use your car (i.e., do you drive through high-risk areas or get into accidents frequently), etc. Some states require more coverage than others and not always is it up to the driver to decide what he/she feels comfortable with paying for their own car insurance needs.


In most cases, the state requires minimum liability, which is liability insurance against claims of injury or death that you cause to others. The state also requires you to have personal injury protection (PIP) in order to receive no-fault medical coverage for treatment related by an auto accident. A high-risk driver may be required to carry more insurance than the bare minimum.


There is no standard amount of car insurance that you have to pay. It mainly depends how many miles you drive each year, how long you've been driving and where you are located, as liability insurance is mandated by the state in which you live. The minimum liability insurance requirements depend on your vehicle's value and where it's registered.


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What do you mean by how much? If you're talking about the money , it will depend of how much coverage you bought. If you're talking about the insurance, how much you have to pay depends on how much coverage you bought.

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