Car insurance costs vary “hugely” depending on your UK location

Living in the countryside is almost always cheaper for car insurance. Recent data shows that the price of car insurance varies greatly depending on where the driver lives in the UK. Drivers in London pay substantially more than those in other regions of the UK. The average premiums in the capital approach are close to £800. Some motorists might be enticed to move to the southwest of England, where typical premiums are just over £400 per year or just under 50% of what they are in London.

The average annual cost of auto insurance for drivers in the UK was £548.52. Extensive rural areas, on the other hand, typically pay lower premiums than large cities and towns. In such areas, car theft and traffic accidents are statistically more common.

The average annual cost of car insurance in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland were £500. Drivers in areas with a high concentration of densely populated urban areas, such as the northwest and West Midlands, paid an average of more than £630 per year.

Postcodes in urban and inner-city areas, in general, pose a higher risk to insurance providers. That’s because they are more densely populated and have heavier traffic flows. The more cars on the road, the greater the likelihood of an accident. Cities and densely populated urban areas typically have a younger population. This, along with the possibility of accidents and thefts, contributes to higher average auto insurance premiums. Large cities may also have higher average vehicle values, causing average premiums to rise even further; this is especially true in the capital.

According to, a sample of more than one million policies revealed that London is the most expensive place in the UK to insure a vehicle, with drivers paying £781.01 on average. With average premiums of only £422.88 in the southwest of England, including the rural counties of Devon and Cornwall, car owners enjoyed the best value car insurance in the UK.

The data may tempt some drivers to relocate to Cornwall. But they should be aware that the cost of their insurance will not necessarily decrease. There are several other factors that insurance companies must consider, and each premium is calculated individually for the individual. Your car, general driving behavior, the crime rate, the average number of claims, how safe your area is, and the car’s age are all factors.

It is critical that you provide your insurer with accurate information about your home address and other locations.