8+ Ways to Get your Insurance Agency Clients More Leads

Insurance Agencies need new business to survive, so they typically want to find ways of leveraging their resources to attract more clients, get more leads, as well as keep those existing clients happy. But the most challenging aspect of the insurance agent’s job is finding good leads. Even if you know your product in and out and can explain it with extreme clarity, you can’t succeed without leads.

Nowadays, finding and using leads is more important than ever, as sales are increasingly moving online, so agents have to compete with computers for business. With this in mind, you may be wondering how you can help your agency generate more leads. If so, read on as we share some helpful tips with you!

Why is it difficult to get more leads?

Insurance agents are a special breed of sales professionals. The profession has a high chance for you to make a decent income and great money once you get going with it.

Insurance agents also have the ability to help more people through their service, since they have access to insurance companies. However, many insurance agents don’t perform their duties at the level they could be because of the lack of leads coming in from marketing.

It is really important that you understand that marketing to your clients is one of the most important aspects of your business. The best advertising you can do for your business is through the purchase of insurance leads and getting service and financial information from the client.

You should be able to find a lead source that will allow you to purchase leads for you and other insurance agents alike. It really isn’t hard to do so, so why is it difficult? Why aren’t more agents buying leads?

How to get more leads?

This article will try and give some answers as to why many insurance agents don’t buy leads, what that has to do with their businesses, and how this practice could be fixed if agencies really want an improvement.

Optimize your website for mobile access

This is a tried and true method that is proven effective time and again by most agencies. If you use a responsive website, it will automatically adapt to fit on mobile devices. This way, your website can better cater to your customers and provide them with the information they need. And, without them scrolling past their own benefits and services.

Getting more leads

Give your agency’s Facebook page a makeover

Social media

An agency’s social media presence should be treated like a physical office location. Your agency may have a Facebook page that looks decent enough, but hasn’t been effectively utilized. We suggest that you give your page a minimum of three to four times the amount of time spent on social media each week, and certainly more than that if you are trying to get clients. This will certainly help boost your leads.

Use online avenues for lead generation

The internet is becoming the go-to place for business owners, so it’s no surprise that agencies are beginning to use it as well to generate leads. This is why your agency should figure out what sources it can use for garnering leads. Do you have local trade shows or seminars? Have you started using Facebook ads? Once you know which methods are working best for your agency, try using them more frequently to generate even more leads.

Leads online

Use broker leads to drive more leads

insurance broker

The purpose of broker leads is to help clients sell their homes without switching agents. If they’re still happy with your service after listing their house, the client won’t have any reason not to buy from you. To use broker leads effectively, you don’t need an office or even a traditional marketing plan. Home buyers are using online services to connect with agents, so you don’t have to emphasize social media. However, you should still create a Facebook page for your agency because this is where your leads will likely need to be directed.

Take advantage of local directories that offer leads

Licensed insurance agents are listed in each state’s directory. They can be searched for potential clients to contact them. There are also listings in other places, so be sure to register with these directories. Doing so will help it stay connected with other agents and businesses in the industry. Plus, it will give it the opportunity to connect with potential leads for your insurance agency.

insurance directories

Create an online presence for your agency

online agency

By putting up an online landing page, your agency can make it easier for potential clients to find information about your company. This is why you should make sure to put out helpful content on your site like insurance tips or industry news. If you post news about the business itself, this will also be viewed positively by clients who appreciate agencies that are keen on staying updated about changes in the industry.

Use social media

Social media is still one of the main venues through which people search for insurance agencies that can provide quotes or consultations with their current provider. Whether you are just starting an insurance agency, or are a veteran, usage of social media is a must. You can get started by creating a Facebook page for your agency so that people will have another way of finding out more about you.


Make your phone number available

In addition to protecting your agency’s privacy, a website without a phone number is helpful. That’s why you should select an easy-to-remember phone number that can be found through the public directory as well as on the internet. This will allow you to promote your services better and ensure that potential clients can contact you when they need to learn more about the insurance company or its services.

Final lines

As we’ve mentioned in this article, there are many ways in which an insurance agency can increase leads for itself and its clients. These methods are effective in that they take advantage of modern technology and provide value to anyone who uses them.

In addition to this, the field of insurance is highly competitive field of insurance; therefore finding qualified leads is one of the most challenging aspects of being an agent. The ability to sign new clients is essential to having a successful career. If you're an agency owner who sometimes finds it challenging to find additional clients, try implementing any one of the tips listed above.