Is life insurance worth it? This will clear your doubts

Still in 2021, some people believe that life insurance is a waste of money. These people will typically cite the number of insurance companies that have gone out of business recently, as well as the amount of times that customers have been denied. They also say that there is no proof that life insurance actually saves lives unlike other insurance policies such as car and home. Also, there are some that believe that life insurance … Read more

Things to consider before starting an insurance agency

Starting an insurance agency is not a joke for all. The industry is highly regulated and you need to know what the laws are before you jump in. There are many things to consider before starting an insurance agency, such as the regulations for that state or city, what kind of licenses and certifications you will need, how much capital it will cost you to get started, and more. Below are some things to consider … Read more

Unemployment Insurance(UI): Eligibility requirements and filing

Unemployment insurance(UI) is a social security program that provides temporary financial assistance to persons unemployed through no fault of their own, typically due to lack of work. Anyone unemployed through no fault of his/her own-and who has been duly discharged from his or her most recent work-is typically eligible for unemployment insurance. In this post, you find what UI is, the eligibility requirements, and how to file a claim. It will also explain details about … Read more

Is it Right to Consider Insurance as an Investment?

Many people mistakenly believe that insurance is an investment that you buy for its benefit. Almost all life insurance policies are purchased for risk management, not to provide cash in the event of an unexpected death. Most of us still own other life insurance policies that provide a death benefit in case we die prematurely. It’s intended to pay off debt or to provide a survivor income. Because of its tax advantages, life insurance can … Read more